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SSI Freediving Spearfishing Training Techniques Specialty course in Costa Brava and Barcelona

SSI Spearfishing Training Techniques specialty freediving course at Empuriabrava and Garraf

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Spearfishing training techniques specialty course

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SSI training techniques for spearfishing specialty course

Spearfishing has been practiced since ancient times. The supply of food often required diving into the waters of rivers and seas in search of fish.

Over the years, food needs and fishing techniques have evolved, but underwater fishing, in which the fisherman hunts for fish with a harpoon or a spear, has remained and has accumulated many practitioners.

Adventure, patience, reward, acuity and technique is what most defines this specialty.

Lassdive offers the Underwater Spearfishing Training Techniques course, with international SSI certification, this specialty being one of the most practiced in the world of freediving.

There are many fishermen who still practice spearfishing today without having some basic notions of apnea and what Lassdive wants to achieve with this course is to deepen and extend the techniques that will allow the fisherman to make longer and deeper apneas, but above all safer, and thus enjoy more productive and safe fishing.


To access this course it is not necessary to have previous experience or have any other freediving certification.

OBJECTIVES OF THE training techniques for spearfishing specialty course

The Spearfishing Training Specialty course consists of a theoretical part, a practical part in a pool or confined waters and a practical part in the sea.

During the theory part we will study the physics and physiology of freediving to obtain a basis that will help us to understand well the part that we will study later, which will be the different breathing, relaxation and concentration techniques, safety procedures and technique of execution of the freediving.

During the practice we will learn which are the best techniques to train the different aspects of freediving applied to underwater spearfishing.

It is important to understand that this is not a course to learn how to fish, since we will not use any type of spear or weapon during the course, but rather it is a course to learn freediving techniques that help us practice spearfishing in a more efficient and safe way. The descent, the wait, the fight, the ascent to the surface and the recovery are aspects of the activity that require a good understanding and each one has its own specific freediving technique to improve the objectives and, above all, to be able to return to the surface safely.


During the SSI Underwater Spearfishing Training Specialty course we leave you all the equipment. Just focus on enjoying your freedive course and learning.

Still, most students want to buy their own equipment to feel more comfortable and have the freedom to practice freediving whenever they want. Of course we always recommend the equipment that can help you the most, which you can also get at Lassdive at very low prices, since we are distributors of the best brands of freediving equipment, such as Mares or Cressi.

Furthermore, thanks to our extensive experience conducting freediving courses of all levels, we have been able to design 3 different Special Deals, with an even bigger offer, so that you can have the material that best suits your reality, since it is material carefully selected by us for each of the three cases.

You can see them at the following links:





DURATION OF THE training techniques for spearfishing specialty course

The SSI Underwater Spearfishing Training Specialty course lasts two days, which can be during the week or weekend.

If you choose the Freediver XL course, the duration will be 3 days, since we add two additional in-depth sessions, so that you finish the course with even better preparation.

There is also the possibility of taking the course privately. In this case, the duration will depend on the needs and objectives of the person taking the course.


At Lassdive we provide all freediving training in the facilities of our freediving centers in Empuriabrava, in the heart of the Costa Brava, Girona, with the Cap de Creus Natural Park as an immersion area, and at the Club Nàutic Garraf, a a few minutes from Barcelona city, with the Costa del Garraf Natural Park as an immersion area, unless we specify another location in our course calendar.

WHEN CAN I TAKE THE training techniques for spearfishing specialty course?

You can visit our course calendar here.

When making the reservation, select the start date on our calendar.

AND AFTER THE training techniques for spearfishing specialty course?

Once you finish the Underwater Spearfishing Training Specialty course, you will obtain an international SSI certification that will allow you to justify your training in any freediving center in the world.

Finishing this course with all the requirements will give you the opportunity to access the freediving specialty courses of MonofinDynamic No Fins (DNF)Training TablesFree Immersionn (FIM)Freediving Training Techniques for Spearfishing and Surf Survival, our survival course for surfers, besides letting you access the Freediving Level 2 course.

You also have the option of coming to train apnea at any of our centers. Visit our training session info page here for all the information.

All our freediving courses follow the standards of the international organization SSI, with equivalence to other organizations such as PSS, AIDA and PADI.

Lassdive - Freediving course Spearfishing Training SSI PADI AIDA CMAS

Minimum age: 12

Maximum people: 8

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  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
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