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Jet ski storage with crane service in Empuriabrava

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Dry marina for jet sky Empuriabrava

1 day 65 €
1 week 260 €
1 month 480 €
Season 1.180 €
Season Ext. May to october 1.395 €
Annual 1.495 €
Number of jet skis
Max. 10
- +

Platform for jet ski Empuriabrava

1 day 75 €
1 week 360 €
1 month 895 €
Season 1.995 €
Number of jet skis
Max. 4
- +

Trailer storage Empuriabrava

1 day 10 €
1 week 63 €
1 month 248 €
Season 395 €
Annual 495 €
Max. 10
- +

Jet ski winterizing Empuriabrava

Winterizing + dewinterizing
440 €
Number of jet skis
Max. 10
- +

Basic service for jet ski in Empuriabrava

Oil change + sparking blocks + oil filter
380 €
Number of jet skis
Max. 10
- +

Winter storage Empuriabrava

495 €
Number of jet skis
Max. 10
- +

Cleaning service Empuriabrava

Price per service
20 €
Number of jet skis
Max. 10
- +

Refueling service Empuriabrava

Price per service, gasoline apart
20 €
Max. 10
- +
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The Lassdive center in Empuriabrava, in addition to the jet ski rental service and guided tours, also offers the dry marina service for jet skis.

A jet-ski parking and storage service, at the entrance to the port of Empuriabrava, with a crane service to take out and put each jet ski in the water in an agile and fast way.

Less expense in maintenance, since with this service you can have your jet ski out of the water to avoid deterioration due to salt and snail. And you can forget about pushing your jet ski and maneuvering with the trailer every time you want to use it.

In addition, the dry marina for jet skis is at the exit of the harbour, so it will take you 1 minute to be in the open sea, instead of the long sailing time at 3 knots that all boats must have to exit the channels of the Marina of Empuriabrava.


Empuriabrava is located in the heart of the Costa Brava, at the beginning of the Cap de Creus National Park, with rocky landscapes and unbeatable inlets for sailing on a jet ski.

In addition, it is located a few miles from the spectacular Medes Islands, another emblematic top 10 place to discover with your jet ski.

The Lassdive dry marina area has a bar-restaurant that you can use with your jet ski under control, since it is next to the water.

In short, a space with a young spirit, modern, sporty and full of good vibes, which will turn out to be much more than the place where you leave your jet ski to sleep.


In the Lassdive stay service for jet skis at the Port of Empuriabrava you can adjust the duration of your stay that best suits your plans:

  • 1 day: Full dry marina service for one jet ski, for one day and one night
  • 1 week: 7 days of dry marina service
  • 1 month: Service for 30 days
  • Season: Dry marina service between June 1st and september 30th
  • Annual: Includes the seasonal dry marina service plus the storage service throughout the winter at the facilities of the central Varadero of the Port of Empuriabrava


Lassdive's dry marina service in Empuriabrava includes, for each jet ski and for any of the modalities:

  • Stay in our dry marina in Empuriabrava’s harbour
  • 1 service per day of extraction of the jet ski from the water with a crane
  • 1 service per day of putting the jet ski in the water with a crane
  • 24h surveillance
  • Liability Insurance


In addition to the jet ski parking service, Lassdive offers you other complementary services to make your life easier:

  • Cleaning service: Get off the water scooter and forget about it! Once it is out of the water we will take care of cleaning it thoroughly, both the hull and the engine.
  • Refueling service: So that you can have your jet ski ready when you arrive and do not have to queue at the port gas station. Every day there will be refueling of all the jet skis that have previously requested it. Refueling will be done in the dry marina, with no need to move the jet skis.
  • Day platform: If you plan to come and go throughout the day and you don't want to have to depend on the crane every time you get off the jet ski, you can rent a platform for a day. To go, come, stop, have a drink at the la marina’s bar-restaurant and go back to the water... whatever you want. It is yours for a whole day.
  • Additional crane service: The first crane service to get your jet ski in and out of the water is included in the dry marina service price. But of course you can use this service as many times as you want during the day.


To reserve your place in the Lassdive’s Dry Marina at the Empuriabrava’s harbour you need to send the following documents:

  • ID card or passport
  • Documentation of the jet ski
  • Proof of payment of the selected mode, payment through the website or payment at our offices when bringing your jet ski
  • Insurance
Lassdive - Dry Marina for jet ski Empuriabrava, Costa Brava
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