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How start a new Lassdive franchise

LASSDIVE, means sport, adventure, adrenaline and unforgettable experiences.
A concept of modern sports centers, current, fresh-minded and surrounded by good vibes.

The LASSDIVE centers draw their strength from their union and their philosophy.
The union that creates a network of twinned centers that support and help each other.
The philosophy that has characterized LASSDIVE from day one for being modern activity centers, always at the forefront, seeking the most innovative activities, directed with great respect for the environment and with impeccable elegance towards users.

Joining the LASSDIVE family means immediate benefits and immediate responsibilities.
The advantages that are obtained from the first day thanks to the support of a strong brand, with the support not only of the brand but also of the rest of the sister centers of the LASSDIVE family and of the other companies of the group.

The responsibility of maintaining, from day one, high standards of quality, behavior, elegance and good work.

Currently, LASSDIVE has 6 sports centers between the Costa Brava and Barcelona, ​​from which it offers more than 10 different types of activities.
Some LASSDIVE centers specialize in one or two activities, while other centers cover a much broader offering.

Obtaining a LASSDIVE franchise is starting a business with facilities, assistance and unbeatable visibility in the sector.
The experience obtained during these more than 10 years of existence, plus the continued investment that LASSDIVE has made in advertising tools, has placed the brand in a privileged position in terms of image and visibility in search engines.

LASSDIVE is associated with quality and appears in the top positions of searches for related topics in the most common search engines on the Internet.
In addition, LASSDIVE has woven a network of collaborators nationwide who market the activities of the different centers, going even further in spreading the word about the brand.

At present, the business model based on sports centers is clearly on the rise, whether they are focused on foreign and domestic tourism.
Very few, on the other hand, are the companies that have positioned themselves with the strength with which LASSDIVE has done so, having an impact on a wide range of benefits to the members of the brand, some direct and others indirect, all clearly higher than the cost of franchise, which makes LASSDIVE franchises an indisputable business model.

Now you can take advantage of all the experience and all the strength from Lassdive to start your own center anywhere in the world.

Contact us to make it happen!

Franchise Lassdive
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