Lassdive - Full Gas Camp Costa Brava

Full Gas Costa Brava '19

The event of the adrenaline and motor in Costa Brava, Girona

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Full Gas Costa Brava registration - Full program

September 27th to 29, 2019
95 €

Full Gas Costa Brava - Half program registration

September 27th to 29th, 2019
70 €
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You love going full gas! And you love the sea!!!

And you love that feeling when you are doing something really exciting, that makes you feel so alive

This is your event!!!


September '19, from the 27th to the 29th, Costa Brava's greatest Motor Event.

Jet Skis, Stand Jets, 4WD Buggies, Stand Up Paddle, Kayak, mechanics workshops, operation briefings and participation gifts.

All Motor! Pure adrenaline!!!


Enjoy the ocean, the waves, the beach and the mountain in an event which will last 3 days, where you will be able to get familiar with this 3 different motor disciplines.

It's not necessary to be experienced in any of them, as this is the point. We will provide our instructors, who will guide all the activities, explaining and helping at any moment, advising about the best way to control these fun toys. And, as always... for you to have an amazing time!!!

(none of the activities represents a danger if you've never practiced them before, as all of them will be practiced in a controlled environment and supervised by instructors from our team who will make sure that the adrenaline will be the only thing you won't be able to control!)


All participants will have two options for signing in:

· Full program: Participating in all disciplines

· Half program: To participate in the jet skis and stand jets disciplines, but not in the buggies one


Together with the inscription it's possible to book the accommodation for between 1 and 6 people.

The selected accommodation is a pitch to camp with your own tent or campervan, in the resort El Delfin Verde.

The payment for the pitch will be done at your arrival at El Delfin Verde, but if you book it together with your inscription we will make it sure that you'll have your space available.

The pitches prices are as follows:

  • Camping pitch for 1 person, 2 nights: 59€
  • Camping pitch for 2 people, 2 nights: 70€
  • Camping pitch for 3 people, 2 nights: 81€
  • Camping pitch for 4 people, 2 nights: 92€
  • Camping pitch for 5 people, 2 nights: 103€
  • Camping pitch for 6 people, 2 nights: 114€

It's possible, although, ask for a different type of accommodation. To do it you need to choose between the different kind of possible accommodation (bungalow, glamping, appartment or hotel) in El Delfin Verde website, and book stright in the website.

The booking of any type of accommodation or pitch will be subject to availability by El Delfin Verde.


The schedule for the activities will be different for each person, as activity groups will be formed as we get the bookings.

However, this next "example" program will be usefull for the participants to understand the organization, even when the timings may be different from the real ones.



· 15:00 a 16:00h - Arrival and pitch check-in at the El Delfin Verde reception (if booked)

· 16:00 a 16:30h - Full Gas registration, and event number and t-shirt collection, at the Lassdive's beach house.

· 16:30 a 17:30h - SUP free time activity.



· 09:00 a 10:00h - Full Gas registration for the ones arriving on Saturday

· 10:00 a 11:00h - Workshop for Jet Ski mechanics and operation

· 11:00 a 11:30h - Jet Ski activity briefing

· 11:30 a 12:30h - Jet Ski activity

· 13:30 a 15:00h - Lunch in one of the El Delfin Verde's restaurants (not included)

· 15:30 a 16:30h - Workshop for Stand Jets mechanics and operation

· 16:30 a 17:00h - Stand Jets activity briefing

· 17:00 a 18:00h - Stand Jets activity

· 18:00 a 19:00h - Kayak free time activity



· 10:00 a 10:30h - Trip to the Lassdive's Buggy Center in La Bisbal d'Empordà (not included)

· 10:30 a 11:30h - Workshop for 4WD mechanics and operation

· 11:30 a 12:00h - 4WD Buggies activity briefing

· 12:00 a 13:00h - 4WD Buggies activity

· 13:00 a 13:30h - Trip to the Lassdive Center in the beach (not included)

· 13:30 a 15:00h - Lunch in one of the El Delfin Verde's restaurants (not included)

· 16:00 a 17:00h - SUP free time activity


To sign up for it you need to click the shopping cart next to "Full Gas Costa Brava registration", under the "BOOK NOW!" area.

Once in the shopping cart you need to select how many people you are signing up for (max. 6 people. If you are more than that you'll need to repeat the process as many times you need to have the whole group enroled).

After that you need to introduce the name and details of the person who is doing the payment and, DO NOT FORGET THIS: in the "Obs." area introduce the full name of every person you've enrolled, together with the T-Shirt size.

In the same "Obs." box you will need to specify, as well, the type of pitch that you want (for between 1 and 6 people), in the case that you want this kind of accommodation. The payment for the pitch will be done at your arrival at El Delfin Verde, but if you book it together with your inscription we will make it sure that you'll have your space available.

To consider before signing up:

  • Minimum age for participating in the Half Program is 16 years old
  • People under 18 years old must have permission from parent or legal guardian
  • Minimum age for participating in the Full Program is 18 years old
  • All participants in the Full Program must have a driving license valid in the European Community, and have it with them during the whole buggies event

The registration includes:

  • Right to participate in the different challenges
  • Event's T-Shirt
  • Presents and raffles at the closing and/or during the event


This a modern event and we are not going to start sending you tons of e-mails. We will send you just one, to confirm your booking.

What we will do is posting all our updates in our social media, specially Instagram, so the best option is following #lassdive on Instagram to get all the news and updates about the Full Gas Costa Brava.

Aaaand, during the event we will come up with some ideas to give away some prices, so you better stay tuned to our instagram account for it!

We will also use Facebook #lassdive and Twitter @lassdive.

But of course, you still can contact us through our e-mail ( for anything you may need regarding the event.


Once you are already at the Full Gas Costa Brava, first thing to do is going to the reception of the resort El Delfin Verde for us to be able to show you how to get to the accommodation that you've booked.

Os soon as you are already settled in you should go to the Lassdive Beach House, at the beach, to fill the registration in, sign the event instructions, get your participation number and get your T-Shirt (which you have to wear during all the challenges).

Once you're all set, one person from the Full Gas Costa Brava team will explain you where you need to go for each of the disciplines and, SUPER IMPORTANT: at what exact time you need to be there, as each participant will have an assigned time for each of the events.


I don't know... sign up for it now and start getting ready!

And remember that we have limited availability, so...

Don't let them explain you how it was!!!

Get out there and live the Full Gas Costa Brava!

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